Saturday, April 10, 2021

Week of April 6th-9th


Everyone was so happy to return to the classroom after two weeks of being away! Things looked quite different on our campus, but we still continued to keep busy. We continued our study of Asia by learning about India. In science we continued to discuss birds and introduced caterpillars to our classroom. We have been spending our playground time on the elementary playground with all of the primary level (which has been so much fun to have new friends to play with) and we returned to the library for our library time with Ms. Jessica. Our friend Annabel also returned from virtual learning to our classroom!

Practical life

Creating a 1-10 book

Counting 1-10 like objects

Stamp game addition

Stamp game multiplication 

Object to sentence

Story writing


Picture to word

Matching like objects

Matching like images

Animals of Asia

Parts of a flower puzzle

Observing caterpillars 


Outside reading

Saturday, March 20, 2021

March 15 - March 19

We continued our culture study of Asia by learning about Japan. 

Using Tongs and Felt Balls to Create the Shape of Asia

Exploring Items from Japan

Trying on a Kimono 

Finding Peace using a Zen Garden

Making Japanese Fish Kites

Daily Work

Sequencing the Life Cycle of a Bean (cut and paste)

Seed to Plant

This week the children learned how to grow a bean plant.

Cotton, Water, Green Beans

Discovering that their beans have sprouted.


Using Magnets

Sight Words

Labeling the Farm

Sentence to Objects

Making a Pushpin Map

Dot Painting

Multiplication Work

Making Bubbles

Making a Map of Australia

Object to Word

Building Words

Working on a Word Search with Annabel 

Fun in the Rain